Política de privacidad

Terms of Use

Global AVL (the “Site”) provides an electronic signature service (the “Service”). By accessing or using Global AVL you agree to follow and be bound to these Terms of Use Agreement (“Terms”) and that you are at least 18 years of age and can legally enter these Terms.


For more information on how Global AVL stores and handles your information please refer to our

Amendments to these terms

Global AVL reserves the right to amend these Terms at any time. You agree that you are responsible for checking these Terms prior to each use of the Site. Your continued use of the Site and Service will signal your acceptance of the revised Terms.

Content, copyright and intellectual property rights

You agree that Global AVL owns all media including, but not limited to; logos, graphics, text and software on the Site unless stated otherwise, but not including user-generated content including contracts and white label emails (“Content”). You agree that you will not use, reproduce or distribute any of the Site Content without Global AVL’s express written permission. User-generated content, including but not limited to contracts and white labelled emails, are not screened prior to being delivered to end-users, but Global AVL reserves the right to screen and monitor user-generated content before allowed to be made available on the Site. Global AVL reserves the right, at their sole discretion, to remove any content that it deems breaks these Terms, is harmful or breaks any local law, regulation or governmental request.


By creating an account on the Site, you grant permission to Global AVL to contact you using the email address supplied. By uploading and sending documents you are authorizing Global AVL to distribute your contracts to email addresses you supply.

Limitation of liability and privacy

Any statements on the site are not intended, and should not be construed, as legal advice. Global AVL disclaims any responsibility for ensuring that agreements electronically executed through Global AVL are valid or enforceable under the laws of any jurisdiction. If you wish to confirm the validity and legality of electronic signatures in your country of residence, you should seek legal advice. For a look at e-signature legality in other countries, we have guidelines available here.


You understand, consent, agree and authorize Global AVL to display certain information such as name, email & IP address to other agreement parties for authentication, and that Global AVL shall have no responsibility or liability over the disclosure of said information.


Your use of the service is at your sole risk. The service is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. Global AVL expressly disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.


The entire risk arising out of the use of the site and services and/or the use of any content remains with you. In no event shall Global AVL, it’s partners, suppliers, directors and employees be liable for any consequential, incidental, direct, indirect or other damages whatsoever (including, without limitation damages for loss of business profits, business interruption or loss of business information) arising out of terms of use, the use of or inability to use the site or services, content provided on the site, delay in use of the site or services or the provision of or failure to provide any products or services.


The signing of electronic documents

You understand and agree that Global AVL only provides this Service as a location for two or more parties to execute agreements. Global AVL is not a party in your document agreement. Upon signing only, you and the other parties are legally required to honor the agreement. You agree that Global AVL shall not be held liable or responsible to ensure enforceability, agreement failures or agreement breaches by any of the parties.


You agree that Global AVL is only responsible to support queries you might have with the Site and Service, Global AVL has no obligation to provide support over agreements made between yourself and other parties. You agree that Global AVL has no responsibility and has no liability if any disputes should arise from an agreement signed through the Global AVL Service and has no obligation to mediate the dispute and that Global AVL or its employees cannot be held responsible or have liability over costs, damages or expenses arising from disputed agreements.

Your account

You agree that all information submitted to the Site is true, accurate and complete. You agree that you will maintain your information on the Site by updating any previously outdated information. You are solely held responsible for:

(a) the maintenance of your account information

(b) the confidentiality of your account credentials, and

(c) all actions that are executed via your account.

Global AVL reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend or terminate an account:

  • By request of a government agency

  • Which has violated these terms

  • Through any attempts to bypass the Service to gain access to non-documented features or bugs or any deemed illegal or inappropriate activity.


Any such attempts shall result in prosecution fully of the law. Global AVL shall not be held responsible or liable to you or any Third Party from result of your account restriction.


A user on a monthly subscription agrees to pay the amount for the plan they are on using a permitted payment method as stated by Global AVL. If payment is not received by the recurring billing date the account will be downgraded or cancelled. Unfortunately, due to the way in that Global AVL is billed we are unable to process any refunds.

Privacy Policy

This policy covers how Global AVL handles both personal and non-personal information that Global AVL collects and receives. Global AVL will never release any information that can identify you as an individual. Any information collected, via means of submitted data or server logs, is safely and securely stored.

Data protection and GDPR

Global AVL is based in the EU, with infrastructure in the EU. Your data never gets transferred outside of the EU (European Economic Area). We fully comply with GDPR as below.


Global AVL is a data processor with our customers being a data controller. Global AVL will also act as a data controller but only for our direct customer’s data. When referencing signer data, Global AVL is acting as a data processor only. The end user, the person actually using Global AVL, is the data subject and has a direct relationship with the data controller.

Use of 3rd party processors

Global AVL is committed to notifying controllers when, or if, a change in 3rd party data processors are made. For example, if Global AVL was to use a different file storage provider (we currently use AWS S3), notification of this change would be made with the right to object. We maintain a strict control over the types of 3rd party processors that we use, and we keep this to an absolute minimum, where required.

Right of data erasure

When a data controller deletes something from their Global AVL account, it will be deleted on our systems, as well as on any 3rd party systems that we use.

Right of data portability

Global AVL provides tools which allow a data controller to download a full export of their account, which can be used by the data controller to fulfil their obligations to the end user (or data subject). Co-operation with Information Commissions Officer


Global AVL is fully registered with the ICO and is committed to complying with the ICO on any data security matter.

Notice of breach

Global AVL is committed to notifying its customers of any breach in data, within 72 hours of discovering it. This will be communicated via email, via the main email address on your account.

Third Party information

Global AVL will not sell any personal identifying information to any Third Party but may provide non-personal identifying data to Third Parties. Global AVL may contain links to websites outside of our control and as such cannot be held responsible for any data collection methods they employ or data distribution methods.

Collected information

Global AVL monitors and analyses its website logs, which contain no personal identifiable information, to ensure that the website is performing to the best of its ability and to ascertain demographic information. Data collected includes IP addresses, dates & times, URL’s visited, and actions performed. This information is also used to uniquely identify document signers.


Global AVL makes use of “session cookies” to log registered users into the Global AVL system and “persistent cookies” to retain data over a series of sessions (e.g. promotion tracking). Cookies set by Global AVL shall never contain personal identifying information. We also use Google Analytics cookies. To opt out of these cookies please visit Google’s Ad Settings.

Opting out of emails from Global AVL

At the bottom of every email that is sent to either you, as a Global AVL customer will be a link which you can click which will unsubscribe from all emails from Global AVL. Please be aware that if you choose to do this you won’t receive any emails from Global AVL. This includes billing notifications, request for signature emails and important information about your account.

Anonymous statistic tracking

We use Google Analytics across our system to help us monitor how Global AVL is being used. All information that is gathered is completely anonymous. We also use ‘Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting’ to help improve Global AVL. If you wish to opt out of this, please download and install the Google Analytics Opt-Out Tool.


We perform remarketing via Google AdWords and Google Analytics. You may see our adverts on other pages via Google’s Display Network after you have visited our site. When visiting our site, a cookie is stored which is then used across the Google Display Network. This cookie doesn’t contain any personal information. If you wish to opt out of Google’s use of cookies, please visit Google’s Ads Settings.

eSignature compliance

Global AVL complies with e-signature laws set by European Union. We meet and exceed all the regulations regarding accepting and processing documents, signed via electronic signatures:

  • 256-bit SSL encryption on all pages, including signing

  • Detailed audit log stored for each signature action

  • Identification of users verified before permitted to send documents

  • Document integrity checked every step of the way

  • Unique salted fingerprints for each document

  • Secure storage of documents and data

  • Signatory identity verified via email address, timestamps and geo-tracking

Global AVL complies with regulations established by The eIDAS Regulation which confirms the legal status of electronic signatures and grants them the same legality as pen and paper documents.

Data storage

All data stored and processed within Global AVL stays within the EU. Our main infrastructure is hosted in the Amazon AWS London and Google Cloud Frankfurt. These regions are also used by many of the top Internet companies and fully complies with all the major certifications.


We also have backup facilities in France, Germany and Spain Ireland which access is restricted to and is only used for data recovery or restoration. Backups are taken every hour for both the database and the documents themselves.


All data stored by Global AVL is encrypted at rest and during transport. Data transport between internal systems is also encrypted. The keys required to encrypt and decrypt the data are stored is restricted to the minimum number of required people.

Data access

Access to the data that we hold on behalf of our customers is tightly controlled and regulated by an auditable system and process. We ensure that only the minimum number of people required have full access to the infrastructure and your data is never exposed to third parties. Data access is highly controlled via your account and every action is logged and recorded. Internally, members of the Global AVL team are unable to access the documents from within your account. If you do require support and assistance which relates to a specific document, you must first grant permission for us to access your documents. Until then, access is locked down and restricted.

Third party access

Your data, including names, address details and the documents itself are never exposed to third parties. Where third party contractors are used, we heavily vet and regulate them and if data is required for them perform their role, sample data is provided.

Disaster recovery

Depending on the type of disaster we have plans to handle the procedure when dealing with unexpected issues. All include the following:

  • Prompt and effective communication to customers on the situation, communicated via Global AVL’s status page

  • Key people assigned as ‘in charge’ of coordinating the response and reaction

  • Effective gathering of data and logs required to determine the root cause to help diagnose the problem and work towards a solution

  • Feedback loops in place at every stage so learnings can be made for future events

For issues that affect the availability of the Global AVL service, we communicate them via our status page. We can regenerate our whole infrastructure, within a different AWS and GC regions within a few minutes with backups taken from our backup facilities.

Penetration testing

The Global AVL infrastructure is scanned daily against the OWASP top 10 security issues and any issues highlighted to the Global AVL development team. Our infrastructure is also scanned on a quarterly basis to comply with our PCI-DSS certification.

“End of business” plans

In the highly unlikely event that Global AVL is unable to continue trading, all previously signed documents will be provided in an archive file along with any information required to prove that the documents were signed legally and correctly.


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